Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truth

Let me start out by saying three kids wow what a household that makes! All of my kids have a great disposition and are great sleepers but they all need something somehow at the same time. I am trying not to make Abigail the "Can you go get this" girl but it's hard not to ask her to be my extra hands. Jackson has been very vocal lately. This is a great thing except that it is this high pitched noise that is driving me crazy. I am trying to adjust to this new sound but I have to admit it is hard. Caroline is precious. She is still in that sleep poop sleep some more stage. She is doing well at night, I just don't like getting up. I got spoiled with Jackson having a feeding pump. If only something could feed Caroline through the night. Ha Ha. For fear of jinxing myself I don't really mean that comment. So on to the ugly truth. My child is severely disabled. Not that this is new news it's just that at times you can forget and get into a normal routine then bam! something happens. Jackson needs new things. He still isn't sitting independently. He has outgrown the infant carrier plus someone else needs it. He had outgrown the infant bath and needs something else for the regular bath. As I was shopping in a special needs catalog for these items the physical therapist told me not to buy these items because medicaid will pay for them. I was very excited. He has now been fitted for a britax carseat, a bath seat and an unexpected thing called a kimba stroller. This stroller is amazing and the chair part comes out and attaches to a base like thing for your house. I am excited about these things yet having a hard time knowing they are necessary. A bed will be our next thing to try for. I think he needs something that elevates at the head to help with his congestion. We will see. Jackson is now 18 lbs 6oz. That is great news but now he's getting heavy or at least next to holding little peanut he seems heavy. He looks great and even has rolls to spare. That formula really was the trick. We just keep trucking along as life is ever changing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

She's Here!

7lbs. 3oz.
19 3/4 inches

Caroline was born Wednesday morning at 8:16. Things went very smoothly. No problems no panic attacks just easy. Well easy really isn't the right word but compared to what I was preparing for easy. We came home Friday around noon. We both were doing that great. I felt well and really over did it. Saturday was a bear. I didn't sleep much and I was really sore.

Today went well and we had a great Easter here at the house. The Easter bunny made his appearance and left eggs all over the yard. Jackson has really enjoyed playing with his basket of goodies. Life is good!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The date is Set

So my wish is coming true and Caroline will be here at 7:30 in the am on Wednesday. I am now officially in oh shit mode. My cousin is going to spend the night with us on Tuesday and take Abigail to school at 9. Jackson's nurse comes from 8:30 till 2 MWF so that is already in place. The rest we will have to make up as it comes around. My mom is coming when I was really supposed to have her next week. I think it will be nice to already be home from the hospital when mom gets here. Even though things are always chaos I think that is the only way I know how to operate these days. Please say a prayer for us on Wed. I am very nervous about having another c section. It is hard to forget what it was like with Jackson.

Hectic-- A small Update

Things have been crazy around here for a while. WE can't seem to keep everyone well at one time. Jackson was hospitalized for pneumonia from Thursday to Saturday of last week. That was quite an ordeal. Chris took the day off to take Jackson to the doctor and run my errands since I was on bed rest. We thought he had another ear infection. Needless to say we were not prepared to go to the hospital. The doctor was thinking he might have a blood infection based on some other things going on with him. WE are very grateful it was only pneumonia. During that time tests were done on me thinking I had preeclampsia again. So the same day Jackson is in the hospital I am supposed to be on bed-rest. Ha Ha . The test came back normal for me thank goodness. Jackson is doing well now and continues on breathing treatments and an antibiotic. I have been going to the doctor twice a week and am done with all this. I am tired of driving over there about thirty minutes away and tired of all the poking and prodding that has gone on this pregnancy. I am grateful to such a caring and cautious doctor but am really ready to not go anymore. Abigail was sick with a stomach bug Friday but bounced back within 12 hours and had a 4 hour nap. The bug was just enough for me to get it and I spent all day yesterday in the bathroom or in my room. I guess I am lucky it happened on the weekend. I am barely hanging on this morning but another doctors appointment awaits me in about an hour. I think I will request Caroline be born this week instead of next. I don't know how that will go over but a girls got to try right.