Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The surgery I have found a way to avoid for almost two years is finally set for Thursday. He will be having his cleft palate repaired and ear tubes put in. I have hopes that this will lead to being able to eat by mouth and speak some words. I am cautiously optimistic. What I really want is for this to help with drainage. Whether it will do anything at all is the real question. I have heard mixed reviews from people who have had it done. The nerves and anxiety are almost too much. I just want it to be over. Abigail is staying with her grandparents so she doesn't miss more school. She is excited and I know things will go well but it is hard to leave her. Caroline is crawling now so keeping her contained will be a challenge as well. The hope is that he is only in the hospital 24 hours. I don't mind taking an extra day if that means he will feel a lot better for the 6 hour ride home. Life is definitely moving to fast. I wish we could just slow down. Chris will be having knee surgery on the 19th. Yeah I know we are crazy, but we have met all deductibles so it was important for him to have this done this year. The doctor was actually being generous getting him worked in before Thanksgiving so he can recover for a week before having to go back to work. If you are reading this and live anywhere near me HELP! I am not good at asking for help I want to believe I can do it all by myself well I am finally realizing I can't. I think the saying is it takes a village.... well the village needs to show up. I am going to need it. i promise to not say I have it covered. If you offer I will take you up on it. All that being said life around here is really good. Caroline is her own way has been the best therapy for Jackson. He is mesmerized by her. He wants to do everything she is doing. I had hoped this would happen and sure enough.. more movement, more eating, more organized playing, they are just adorable together. Abigail likes Jackson better. I say that because he is happy to hang on her every word and play along Caroline is to busy to slow down and do what her sister wants her to do. Business is great. After three years of being in the store I am finally making my goal money wise. I am waiting for that to be constant before raising my goal. Again I will say God is Good and has given us a truly blessed, and hard life. I complain at times but wouldn't trade anything for the lessons I have learned. Thanks for always being my support system I love all you guys greatly.