Saturday, April 3, 2010


I feel as if I have neglected to really talk about the most adorable, sweet, loving girl on the planet. Caroline is now 21 pounds (which is one pound more than Jackson) she has the cute look of a chubby baby but really is kinda petite. She is serious most of the time studying everything. This is a lot like Abigail except Caroline is more willing to try something (by that I mean put it in her mouth). Most of the day she is exploring the house happily playing with whatever she can find. She is quite attached to me and doesn't let me walk past her without picking her up. Her first word was Bubba. That is what we call Jackson most of the time. She has a special bond with him and has been the best therapy he could have asked for. She loves her big sister and considers it a huge treat to get the play in her room. Abigail has to keep her door closed except on Friday after the cleaning lady has been there. She loves everyone and isn't shy. Willing to let others hold and play with her. I blinked and suddenly she is a year old. The months have run together. We have been very fortunate that she has not been sick at all. Caroline has added so much to our family and we are blessed beyond measure to have her :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Newest Member of our Family

Meet Suzie Q she is a Pug-Zhu

Mean Girls

At a very young age Abigail has already had to learn about how mean girls can be to each other. Last year there was a girl who made her cry nearly daily. She would say things like "your dolls name is stupid" "if you really want to be my friend you will...." It was constant. So at the ripe old age of five she learned to deal with the fact that words can hurt and people who say mean words to you are not really your friend. I gave you that story only to tell you another. Our neighborhood is filled with kids. That is both good and bad. Her very best friend lives across the street and we love the family; that is the good. There is another girl a few houses down that is not so nice. I haven't witnessed her do anything that bad she just isn't that nice. She knocked on the door a few minutes ago and Abigail asked me to tell her that she couldn't play. I am thrilled because I don't like the girl that much but I think just maybe a valuable lesson has been learned. Only surround yourself with people who are nice to you because life is just to short to be treated like CRAP!!!!

I have been inspired to come back!

More on that later! Ha Ha See I haven't lost my wit. Which might or might not be why you read this. Serious update coming later today.