Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mean Girls

At a very young age Abigail has already had to learn about how mean girls can be to each other. Last year there was a girl who made her cry nearly daily. She would say things like "your dolls name is stupid" "if you really want to be my friend you will...." It was constant. So at the ripe old age of five she learned to deal with the fact that words can hurt and people who say mean words to you are not really your friend. I gave you that story only to tell you another. Our neighborhood is filled with kids. That is both good and bad. Her very best friend lives across the street and we love the family; that is the good. There is another girl a few houses down that is not so nice. I haven't witnessed her do anything that bad she just isn't that nice. She knocked on the door a few minutes ago and Abigail asked me to tell her that she couldn't play. I am thrilled because I don't like the girl that much but I think just maybe a valuable lesson has been learned. Only surround yourself with people who are nice to you because life is just to short to be treated like CRAP!!!!

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