Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been busy working on orders as well as new stuff lately. I am working hard to add things to Etsy in an attempt to sell things outside of my city. I have discovered facebook as many of you know. This has been my new form of keeping in touch. I promise not to let the blog get cobwebs and be pushed aside. Abigail will be starting Kindergarten in less than two weeks. Yikes!! Yet I may have more time to get things accomplished. We will see, there will still be two little ones at home. Caroline has figured out how to roll over. We are so proud of her. I have forgotten just how quickly they catch on. Jackson was doing some half rolling of his own but watching little sister must be inspiring because he has taken off. Literally off the bed and across the room. He is now mobile. YEAH!!! I was hopeful that Caroline would be able to teach him things but I had no idea it would start this early. Family life is great right now.