Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jackson is 2

Yesterday was Jackson's birthday. We had a nice day with the exception of all of us having head congestion. It was just the family which was nice. I really didn't feel the need to go over board this year. I hate to say the decorations and cake were more for Abigail's benefit. The balloons all about Jack though. HE loves mylar balloons. We have now survived two years which according to the research increases his mortality rate greatly. While I am thrilled at that prospect, I have to admit his birthday brings it all back. The days, weeks, months surrounding his birth and diagnosis. I want to encourage you to visit my favorite blog My New Normal it is on my sidebar. She describes in perfect detail how I have been feeling lately. How I will more than likely feel every birthday. In all that sadness one of the kids I keep track of died at the age of twenty yesterday. So while mortality rates can increase we never know how long any of us has. I try not to stay long in the sadness of it all, I don't want to miss the great moments we do have with our miracle Jack.