Monday, July 13, 2009

Things are looking up

Life has been a little better lately. Things are starting to fall into place. Such as Caroline has slept through the night for three nights in a row. That is huge. She may be getting herself into a routine and that makes my life have a routine which is so necessary to me. Lots of new stuff with Jackson and his services have been looking up as well. He is still on the same program but I am learning all kinds of new things that so one bothered to explain. I have been feeling alone in all of this lately. I have wonderful friends but.... at the end of the day there struggles with their kids are not the same. I found myself at the doctors office bawling and have a breakdown when he simply asked how life is going. Needless to say a prescription for happy pills was written as well as a strong suggestion to find friends with similar lives.
This is the part where God intervenes. Someone I hadn't talked to in about a year called me by accident. Seriously she was trying to call someone else named jennifer in her phone. She took care of her special needs grandson by herself until he passed away. She has been through it all. See what I mean about intervening. Wait it gets better. She left her job as a teacher after her grandson died and went back to school to pursue a masters in social work. Realizing her heart belonged to helping special needs families. She just got hired to be the case worker for the program Jackson is on. She is now in charge of helping me. Someone I know and trust is going to make sure we get everything we need.
God is Good!!!!!!

My mind is still trying to warp around this amazing new development.