Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Packing for Vegas Baby!

I am packing for the big trip to Vegas.  This will be the first time all four of us will be on a plane together.  We will be gone for two weeks.  I need it.  In case your wondering my mom lives there so it really will be a vacation.  I will be going from 105 degree weather to 110 so not much different right? I am hoping to get great pictures while I am there.  Please pray it is a relaxing time and that I can recharge my batteries and handle life until the next trip.  By the way the next trip will be in August to Denver since Chris is going to the National Democratic Convention.  Haven't really thought through the details of that one yet.  

Jackson has figured out how to unhook himself from his feeding so the feeding continues to pour out on him and his bedding.  This is quite frustrating yet I am proud of his sneakiness. He is becoming more and more vocal everyday.  He loves to tell us Hi and I am getting Momma more frequently also. I feel like speech therapy is going great while physical not so much.  I guess I have to take what I can get. Abigail watches her Dance recital  DVD about three times a day and can now perform everyone else's dances.  She even put up a new toy to get a new dance outfit at Wal-mart yesterday.  She needs different costumes for the different dances in the recital.  This girl is serious about dance.

I did a craft show this weekend.  Never again in June.  It was 100 degree in the shade.  I made about as much in a weekend as I do in a month at the store so that was nice.  I might try it again in October but my luck is that it would be freezing or some other fluke of weather.  

Crazy busy times in the Hightower House!
Hope all is well in your house 
Love you all

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Husband is home with me 24/7 for the entire summer.  Enough Said!  

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love a good margarita.  A margarita has never failed to cure what ails me.  My friend just called and she will be over to pick me up for a drink.  There was no need for discussion.  It is understood  when one of us needs to get out of the house and refocus we just call.  I love my friends.  I have a very unique blend of friends and each one seems to serve a different purpose for different moods. In a few weeks the fam. will be going to Las Vegas to visit Grandma for two weeks.  I am really excited to run away for a while.  This is the one thing I will Thank George Bush for (Stimulus Check)  it is paying for us to fly to Vegas baby!  I have been told I have to go to Margaritaville.  You don't have to ask me twice! 

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have been reading the blog of a little boy with trisomy 18 Jacob Fahmer.  Most babies with trisomy 18 are not born alive or only live a few hours.  This is what the doctors quietly didn't what to tell us they thought Jackson had.  I have been going to the blog everyday to hear how he is doing and what mischief he has gotten himself into.  It had become a part of my daily routine.  Last night the blog entry was news that he had passed away.  They got to spent 139 days with their miracle.  Reading other peoples' lives has created a sense of family for me.  I have cried for this family as if they were my neighbors or close friends.  For so long we weren't sure if Jackson would live and still have fear for his life.  I'm not sure just how close Jackson came to dying in those beginning days.  Today I mourn the loss of everyone who has lost a child, accident or illness doesn't change the sadness.  Please pray for this family and others like them.  They have had to endure so much. Please pray for peace for their family.  They have two other boys who deeply loved their brother.  I find myself hugging my children a little tighter today.  Enjoying every sound and sweet thing they do.  I want to memorize every detail.  Life is truly too short.